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Bozeman Websites — not another template site

When you choose Bozeman Websites, you are not getting a ‘canned’ website, but making a long-term investment in what will act as your digital storefront. JTech manages every element of your online business, keeping data safe and business operational 24 hours a day.
1Complexity and Performance

Complexity and Performance

40% of visitors will leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Unlike a cheap, “canned” solution, where the inefficient website architecture often bogs down performance, our team is capable of building you a custom, responsive site with noticeably superior appearance, performance and functionality.
You may have heard the terms “template,” “platform,” CMS,” or “package,” to refer to the deployment of a pre-built website template system, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. These ‘canned’ sites are generally deployed by less-technical people and are designed to be “one-size-fits-all” systems. Because these sites are generic in purpose, their constructs are bloated with complexities you’ll probably never use, causing site performance to suffer and making ongoing maintenance a hassle.

Bozeman Websites by JTech Communications are much more agile than a ‘canned’ system such as WordPress. Whether establishing an online presence for the first time, or looking to revive an existing one, our development team is capable of building you a custom responsive site with noticeably superior appearance, performance and functionality.
2Customized Features

Customized Features

WordPress relies on a patchwork of plugins for added features that often result in a broken site.
Bozeman Websites are truly custom, the design planned around your business needs, developed with custom code and easy for you to update using our content management system.
‘Canned’ site databases are designed to drive the complex, one-size-fits-all template system — not store information in a way that is purpose-built to your specific needs. Adding features in WordPress means employing a patchwork of plugins for features supplementary to the base package, often resulting in a broken site after the next software update. (Go ahead, Google it: WordPress update breaks my website). It has even been suggested that SEO add-ons provided by WordPress are harmful to your search engine results.

My JTech
While less expensive, Bozeman Websites are a truly custom website, its features and design carefully planned around your business needs and built with your future in mind. Our team is highly technical; our developers wrote the code and can customize it to do anything our clients want. And with our custom-developed content management system, it’s incredibly easy for you to maintain the site day in and day out.


Nearly 80% of compromised sites encountered by one security firm were WordPress.
When it comes to your business and customer information, security should be a top priority. Bozeman Websites uses our proprietary framework and we continually monitor your site to keep you safe.

WordPress is currently the most-used templating system, claiming fame to about 74,652,825 sites. Because of this, they are highly targeted by hackers; for one security firm, nearly 80% of all compromised sites they worked on were deployed via WordPress. On top of this, performance issues range from slow loading pages that kill your visitor engagement, to your site being completely unavailable.

Bozeman Websites are lean and secure. Additions are built as a native part of your site, not hacked on plugins that threaten your and your clients’ personal data. With our ongoing site management and hosting service, we actively monitor our servers for attempted breaches and other problems, working to catch them before they have the opportunity to cause harm.
4Site Management

Site Management

When you need assistance or your site is down, discount hosts will simply read to you from a troubleshooting script when you call.
JTech sites include site management, such as hosting, domain purchase and renewal, and much more. Our account manager and skilled development team will walk you through any issues or concerns straightaway.

Not only are template sites one-size-fits-all, but most of the time the agencies who deploy them don’t provide additional site management services. Low-end marketing companies, for example, will present themselves as “web designers,” launch a template site, set you up with a cheap hosting service, then their work with you is done. This results in a high-maintenance website that will cost you more down the road and provides no point of responsibility when you need assistance.

As a part of JTech’s site management service, we manage your domain hosting as well as any ongoing support you may need with your website along the way. Every element of your online presence exists on our own secure servers right here in Gallatin County. If the site ever generates errors due to a problem in the code, we fix it for free. While low-cost agencies will simply read to you from a troubleshooting guide when you call, our account manager and skilled development team will walk you through any issues or concerns straightaway.
5Long-term Partnership

Long-term Partnership

With a template site, once someone has been paid, their relationship with you is typically complete, leaving you on your own.
Minutes Spent
Waiting on Hold
Our entire staff remains at your service far beyond the launch of your new site, here to answer phones at a single, local phone number.
We frequently meet customers who are unfamiliar with the agency who deployed their template website and can’t get a call back from the designer they last spoke with. With a template site, once someone has been paid, their relationship with you is typically complete and you’re on your own.

At JTech, we view your website project as the beginning of a long-term business partnership, meaning every website includes the ongoing support of our entire staff. Under one roof and reachable at one local number is a team of digital marketing experts, designers, developers and copywriters. We work with our clients over time to help them to grow and change their site as their business does. While your long-term goal may be to run a profitable business, ours is to serve as a partner to your growth so you can succeed in business online.

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